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Simple and Bright Style Scandinavian Decoration

The reason cold and simple designs which belongs to Scandinavian countries is that style has timeless sense of decoration. Just like country products, timeless, useful, flat and comfortable products will always have an effective role in the accuracy of your decoration choice and the sense of approval. Functional and classy Scandinavian product will provide an elite appearances that stays out of fashion with its design line.

Scandinavian-style furnitures are usually have very light or dark tones. Contrast is always achieved with colorful accessories and flower arrangements. The attractive aspect of this style, which supports a fresh and stylish appearance, is hidden in the details, just like in a work of art. The fact that the sun does not show its face much in Northern European countries has created an element that is reflected in the interiors. The colors applied both on the furniture and on the floor are generally in white and cream tones.

The motto of the style is “simplicity”, plain and simple lines are indispensable for Scandinavian style. We see that the focal point in Scandinavian homes is not television. Naturally, there is no Tv unit either. However, a large and comfortable sofa and a wooden coffee table are among the indispensables. In this style, which you can often include do-it-yourself products, handmade frame or a painting that you painted with your own effort, macrame mirror and wall decorations will suit the bohemian and comfortable atmosphere. You can take care to choose the accessory as few as possible and in vibrant colors. You can reveal your style by decorating a gray or white sofa with ethnic patterns. The home accessories that ethnic patterns suit most are the print appearance on carpets, curtains and throw pillows.

Scandinavian Furniture Scandinavian Furniture Scandinavian Furniture
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